Things you neglect that would make your kitchen better | Interior Design

If you hit the nail on the head with your kitchen design the first time around, you’re in the fortunate minority, as so many of us are suffering the ignominy of having not got it quite right. 

Fortunately, we may have just simply failed to give a couple of minor details as much thought as they deserved, which can be easily rectified if you read this article. 

We’ve looked at what kitchen planners prioritise when they create a new design and learned what can make or break the perfect kitchen. So if you have a nagging feeling that your space could be a tiny bit better, memorise these key tasks and get to work!

1. Choosing a defined colour scheme

minimalistic Kitchen by Vanessa Santos Silva | Arquiteta by Vanessa Santos Silva | Arquiteta

Even if you are a little more eclectic, you will have a ‘base’ colour scheme for your kitchen so try to make it far more defined. Keep accent hues as just that and serve to draw attention to the shades that really dictate things, such as your cabinet choices. 

For example, this white kitchen looks amazing as it makes no bones about its scheme!

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