Pinterest predictions: The top 10 home and design trends for 2017

Pinterest, the online visual-bookmarking website, has revealed the Pinterest 100, a prediction of 100 design and lifestyle trends that are expected to rock our world in the year ahead.

Trends are identified according to their percentage of year-over-year growth in popularity, which is based on the number of times the ideas have been searched, saved and shared on the site.

In the Home category alone, Pinterest users have saved more than 8 billion ideas to their virtual inspiration boards — and in doing so provided a glimpse into how they want their homes to look and feel.

“The first overarching trend we’re seeing is that homes are moving more toward a warm, lived-in feel and away from the minimalist feel,” said Stephanie Kumar, the head of category insight at Pinterest, “and the second is an emerging trend that borrows from fashion. It’s an intersection of personal and home style.”

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